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Case Studies
SBM Advertising provides graphic design services and print products
to fulfill a variety of needs. Following are a few case studies.

Searcy Parks & Recreation

For the past few years the Searcy Parks & Recreation Department has published a magazine twice a year promoting their youth sports activities, community activities, and various classes they offer. This past summer they contacted us about producing the magazine, and we now publish it for them. This full-color magazine is distributed through schools, advertisers, and many businesses in the area. It provides excellent visibility for the advertisers because families keep the magazine to follow the schedules and because of its “coffee-table appeal.” Back to top.

Falcon Air

Based in Peachtree City (Atlanta), Georgia, Falcon Air wanted a tri-fold brochure that featured their flight training, but also incorporated other services they offered. They emailed a document listing some of the items they wanted included, and they provided a couple of photos for the brochure. We later took a couple more photos of one of their corporate airplanes. Coupled with a skyline view of Atlanta, we provided a full-color tri-fold brochure that features their services.

Because they are a short distance from Augusta where the Masters Golf Tournament is played, they wanted to promote charter service to that great event. They came up with the phrase: “Your Ticket to the Masters.” SBM took a photo of a golf ball near the hole, dropped in some azaleas, and produced full-color 4” x 9” rack cards for this promotion. Back to top.

Michael Lincoln

Each campaign season we work with a number of political candidates. In his plan to run for County Judge in White County, Arkansas, Lincoln needed a logo for distinctive identification and initial campaign products. After designing his 2-color logo, we provided lapel stickers, bumper stickers, yard signs, and field signs. We then designed full-color pocket cards for him to distribute during the course of the campaign. These cards had his photo, logo, campaign platform and personal/professional information on them. Back to top.

Gospel Tracts International

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Gospel Tracts International publishes about 2,000,000 tracts a year that are distributed in about 40 nations. SBM manages their major printing projects including full-color Bible character cards and books. Back to top.

Marriage Matters

Based out of St. Charles, Missouri, Dr. Jerry and Lynn Jones present about 25 seminars a year throughout the country.

Initially, they provided us a logo that a graphics firm had designed for them. After discussing the implications of the design we got their permission to modify it picturing the wedding rings intertwined with the cross. We designed and produced letterheads, envelopes, and business cards.

They then needed a full-color brochure. We had a photographer shoot several hundred photos of a live seminar. We took some of these and incorporated them into a brochure that gave a synopsis of the seminar sessions.

Because of the demand for the seminars and their material, they had it produced it on videotape. After doing so, they wanted to have both a participant workbook and a facilitator workbook. They sent their materials to us, and we edited and formatted the workbooks, designed the covers and managed the printing of these.

Later, we managed the production of their DVDs and designed the packaging for these products.

In September 2006, we produced a full-color 6” x 9” card for direct mail with the purpose being the promotion and sale of the DVDs and workbooks. Back to top.

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