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Autumn around the Upper Buffalo

The last of October found me on the Upper Buffalo close to Ponca, Arkansas. I had been there twice during the spring but wanted to get a few fall photos. I arrived late in the afternoon and hiked in to Whitaker Point (Hawksbill Crag) and spent about 3 hours there. It was a beautiful point and I enjoyed photographing it under different lighting conditions.


Thursday evening I camped out at Steel Creek Campground. The next morning I got up early and started photographing the Buffalo River and Roark Bluff (left) before the sun peeked over the hill. The river had a little fog on it, and although it is rather low, I found a nice little pool which was reflecting the bluff.

When I left the campground, I ran into Ponca and visited a few minutes with Mike Mills (no relation). Mike runs Buffalo Outdoor Center — www.BuffaloRiver.com — and is great to work with. He has beautiful cabins, and you can get your canoe from him. It's a great operation!

As I headed down to Lost Valley I noticed the elk were out. I stopped close to Ponca Landing to take some photos. Several people were shooting, but I didn't have a long lens. A lady looked at me and asked what type camera I had. When I told her, she took here camera off her Canon 500mm f/4.0 lens (on the tripod), and said, “Here, use this!” I shot about 3 dozen photos and really appreciate her letting me use her lens. (To my friends: No, I didn’t break it!) By the way, she is Ruth Hoyt, and she is an excellent photographer. Click on the following link, go to her site, be amazed! — www.RuthHoyt.com — Oh yes, and be sure and check out her “signature photo.” (It's the little green lizard grabbing the diamondback rattler by the nose!)

After taking the photos of the elk, I headed to Lost Valley. I had been there in the spring, but wanted to go back. It has a great hiking path, and there are some beautiful rock formations and cliffs in the area.


This is just one of the beautiful areas of Arkansas. Take this area, add Petit Jean, Mount Magazine, Sam's Throne, Haw Creek Falls, Six Finger Falls, Pedestal Rocks, Alum Cove, Falling Water Falls … and the list could go on and on. What you have is the majesty of God’s creation in a great state. And I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll be out hiking again and taking more photos.

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